Taking The Leap Of Faith Is Always A Good Idea

Because No One Regrets Giving Something A Go

Aarti Tailor
4 min readMar 17, 2022


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It was 2015, and something had been itching at me for a while now. It was strange because I loved the life that I had at that time. I loved my job, I had so many friends and a thriving social life yet something inside me yearned for more.

Planting The Seed

Every time I went on holiday and returned back home, I would always get a serious case of the holiday blues. But I started to notice that they were progressively getting worse and worse and there was one significant point in my life that I remember clearly. I was in Cuba and I thought to myself “This has to be my life. I need to travel for a long time”.

Change Of Plans

Initially, I had wanted to go with friends, and I kept trying to arrange something with them but they kept flaking and making excuses. Whilst this was happening, one of my workmates was leaving to go travelling, and they were going it solo.

That really struck me, because solo travel had never been an option I had considered, yet here my colleague was boldly taking the leap to go travelling and he was going alone. I remember asking him why he had decided to go solo and I will never forget his response. He said, “If you don’t know how to be alone, then something needs to change within.”

I let that sink in and he was completely right. Maybe solo travel was something I should consider. Perhaps it was something I needed.

Taking The Leap

In 2016 I jetted off on my first ever solo adventure. I was rattled with nerves, emotions and fear. The crazy thing was that amongst my fear, backing out just never felt like an option. I remember telling myself that if I didn’t do it now, I never would. It just felt like I had no choice but to take that leap and go on that solo adventure.

Living Without Regret

Fast forward to 2022 I have been travelling for 6 years predominantly solo and I can’t imagine my life had I not made that decision.

I always try to live my life without regret and I knew that if I didn’t travel I would always regret it.



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